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Merry Christmas Dear Friends!

It is already that time of year again. I am so amazed at how fast this past year has gone! While it was a very busy year, and a lot was accomplished, it flew by while all the work was being done! Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Not only do we enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells, but for us as Christians it signals the very beginning of our redemption!

I still recall my first Christmas as a new Christian. I was 14 years old and had just accepted Christ a few weeks before after some amazing input by my Pastor and by a woman who had begun mentoring me that fall. I recall sitting by the Christmas tree in our living room, late at night, alone. The radio was on and the song The Little Drummer Boy began to play on the radio. As I sat and absorbed those words tears began to fall. I was like the drummer boy, having nothing to give my King. Yet He instead came as a babe to give me everything! The great impact of what this holiday meant, and how it had suddenly changed for me, hit me full force. What had once been a celebration of presents and family now had a whole new meaning. One that meant Eternal Life! I still can’t hear that song without tears.

Maybe you have a favorite memory of Christmas too. It is at times like this that we remember family, friends, and special celebrations of the past while at the same time enjoying all that this year has for us.

This year, I want you to remember how much your support and care through the past has impacted the lives of real people. People like Jamie, who is on our Christmas Card this year with our 2016 Christmas Cherub, Davin. Jamie was kind enough to share her difficult and personal story with many of you at our annual banquets this year.

But for the people who support us and did not attend that event, we wanted to share what YOU have done for them!

Jamie was in a terribly difficult circumstance. As the mother of three highly disabled children, she was devastated when her husband and their father suddenly decided to leave the marriage. A while after that she found out she was pregnant by her new boyfriend. This man ended up being someone that not only would not be helpful, he was also abusive and she had to protect herself and her children from him.

In desperate circumstances Jamie set up an abortion appointment. Yet she also knew she needed to find out how far along she was. So she looked on the internet for “free ultrasounds” and found us. Within days Jamie had her ultrasound and met her beautiful little baby of 14 weeks. And that changed everything. Jamie is a strong and courageous woman. She chose life for Davin, and is so very thankful she did! Davin is a wonderful, healthy little boy who is the light of his whole family!

If you supported this ministry in any way last year, you are responsible for little Davin’s life!

This Christmas Davin will have just turned one-year-old and he will be the center of the memories for his family! Thank you!
While we love sharing stories like this, it is an uncommon thing to have a woman who is as brave as Jamie has been. She has shared her story freely with our supporters because she wants other women to have a safe place to land when life is suddenly and completely overturned. She has to represent the many other lives saved and touched this year who just can’t share their story with you. But they are here…in homes all across this region…sharing Christmas with their families who are so thankful to have them.

Thank you for them all! Because without you, these little ones would not exist today!

At this time of year, we know you have many cards and letters from great ministries asking you to consider them in your end-of-year giving. I get them too. And it is always hard to know just where to put my gifts. So I pray, and ask God to help me know where He wants my gifts. And I consider what places will actually save lives this year.

I want you to know that this ministry is one that regularly – all year long – saves lives like little Davin!

Rest assured that if you choose to support us you have made a life-giving difference to others in your community. We can’t tell you all their stories. But just think of Jamie and Davin, and you get the idea. And we do all this without the help of any government funds.
YOU make this work possible!

As we head into closing out an amazing year, one where we added our new branch location in East Bethel, we have more to do than ever. We are now ready to serve a much larger region faster and better by increasing access to our services with two locations.

But with this year of growing also comes a greater need for support than ever before!

Impacting the lives of individuals in crisis is never easy or inexpensive. But it has a great return! As we watch the lives affected by everything we offer, for free, we see the power of love in action.
And that is modeled after the love God showed to us by sending his Son to earth!

Consider helping us continue to meet the needs in both Isanti and Anoka County this next year. You can use the enclosed giving slip and envelope to give a one-time or monthly gift. You can also go online at and give safely and securely by clicking any Donate button. You can also give a non-cash gift to this ministry by using our iDonate option. This allows us to accept anything from cars, boats, RVs, to jewelry, electronics, and even property, stocks, and inventory! Anything that can be turned into cash can be donated as a tax deduction for you and a financial benefit to us!

Maybe you hope to save a child- like Davin, or help a father find support and parenting help, or a young girl find a new way to live a life of purity, or help a woman who suffers from her past abortion decision find hope and healing.

Whatever reason you give this Christmas, and however much you decide to share with this ministry, please always, always keep us in your prayers. We need prayer each and every day as we continue this work to save lives, both physical and eternal! There is always some way to help this ministry and that is what we ask. How can you help us this year? Maybe it is financially, maybe it is by volunteering, but at the very least it can be by praying!

Remember this year all you have already done to save lives and how much we appreciate your help! We are so very grateful for all you do for the men, women, and their babies!

I pray this Christmas you enjoy all you have. And may you enjoy the knowledge that you created a very Merry Christmas for many, many families this year. Families like Jamie’s.

Be very blessed in this special season of Love!

Gina M. Kennedy

P.S. As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, your gift to us is not only life-saving, but a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:23

•You can give a one-time gift by clicking any donate button on this site.
•You can give a non-cash gift through our iDonate program, which allows us to accept almost any type of gift – vehicles, property, electronics, jewelry, stocks, bonds, boats, RVs, antiques, business equity, large quantities of merchandise – anything that could be converted to cash. You get the tax deduction – we get the cash! Go to our website and under the Donate tab you click on non-cash gifts – or email Lisa at and she can assist you!
•You can pray for this ministry, the staff, the Board of Directors, the volunteers, and the clients who need us!
•You can join us by getting involved – as a church representative, a baby bottle coordinator, a volunteer advocate or a prayer team member. Contact Lisa at 763-689-4319



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