Taylor's & Dustin's True Story

Story of our First baby Saved from Certain Abortion!
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by Gina Kennedy, Executive Director
The Pregnancy Resource Center of Cambridge was the recipient of a grant from Focus on the Family’s Operation Ultrasound Program for a new ultrasound machine. We completed our conversion process and began ultrasound in February of 2008. But it took a while before we saw our first true case of an abortion-minded couple.

First Visit
On Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 4:20 p.m. a young couple walked in to our Center. It was 20 minutes past closing time, but a late client was just finishing up and so our doors were still open. While our Nurse Manager, Judy, usually leaves by 3 p.m. on Wednesdays, she had been delayed and was still at the Center. I recall this day perfectly, as it happened to be my birthday. I was due at a restaurant shortly for a birthday dinner with my family. However, as divine intervention was about to exert itself, everyone who needed to be there that day still was.

Abortion Seemed the Only Answer
The young couple was greeted by one of our advocates. Taylor, the young woman, and her boyfriend Dustin, asked if they could get some information. When asked by the advocate what it was in regard to, they stated “An abortion.” I heard this conversation from my office and stepped out to see if I could assist. The couple was informed that we do not refer for or perform abortions, but that we could answer some questions. After talking with them briefly, we were made aware that this couple already knew they were pregnant and had decided abortion was the only answer for them. However, Taylor was not sure exactly how far along she was. Since Taylor had stated she might be 3 or 4 months, I explained it would be very important to know how far she was, as abortion procedures are different in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. I told her we could perfomr a free ultrasound to determine that. Taylor and Dustin felt that it would be beneficial to see how far along she was. I told them I was not sure if we could do the ultrasound today, but I would check with our nurse.

It was clear to me in talking with Taylor and Dustin that they were very scared and I was not sure they would return for an ultrasound if we did not do it that day. I talked with Judy, our nurse, and asked if she was willing to stay with me and do the scan. Judy agreed that it would be best to do it now, rather than ask them to come back. We would stay and do the ultrasound.

Looking at the Options
We began the normal process of getting Taylor’s history, performing a pregnancy test, and talking with the young couple. We found out that Taylor and Dustin were only 16, had known about the pregnancy for about six weeks, and had not told anyone else yet. They also had been discussing what to do all these weeks and had come to the conclusion that an abortion was their only answer. This young couple was clearly intelligent, had logically thought through their situation and was now resolute in their decision. They both had college plans. Both knew they would have a hard time financially supporting a baby and did not feel they could properly care for an infant. Both Judy and I were struck by their determined absoluteness of their decision. We knew this would not be easy.

We discussed all the options available and what each one meant for them. We went over abortion procedures and risks, and we especially discussed that if Taylor was over 12 weeks already, the risks were even higher. Then we moved on to an ultrasound.

What Taylor and Dustin SawUpon ultrasound it was immediately clear to both me and our nurse that Taylor was beyond 12 weeks. We immediately saw clear pictures of a well-formed baby. And this baby was putting on a show! The baby flipped, waved, and moved so much it was impossible for Judy to get measurements! We didn’t know it at that time, but the advocate who had greeted Taylor and Dustin had stayed for a while in the other room and had prayed the baby would move a lot so that the parents would see clearly how alive it was. Those prayers were definitely answered!

In a Heartbeat . . .
We finally gave up on measurements and invited Dustin in to the room. Judy asked if they wanted her to turn the monitor so they could see they baby. After a bit of hesitation, they agreed. Judy turned the monitor so Taylor and Dustin could see for themselves. They were clearly amazed to see how big and fully developed the baby was! And the baby continued to move around, even appearing to wave. What had seemed like a solid resolution now showed as great conflict on both of their faces. Judy asked if they would like to hear the heartbeat. Again, after some hesitation, they said yes. Judy turned the Doppler on and we all listened to the baby’s heartbeat loud and clear. Taylor kept turning to look at Dustin. Both of them seemed amazed, yet unsure, scared, and conflicted. Judy asked if they wanted her to print a picture that they could keep. Again, they hesitated. Taylor looked to Dustin and asked if they should. Dustin indicated he was not sure. I let them know it was totally up to them. Dustin finally looked at Judy and said, “Yes, we want one.” I knew the reality was slowly breaking through to them. The baby settled down and we were finally able to get measurements. Taylor was 13 ½ weeks pregnant already.

After the ultrasound we went back to the counseling room. I asked them how they felt about what they had just experienced. They both seemed overwhelmed, but Dustin was very overcome with emotion and could barely speak. We talked a bit more about what kind of help would be available for them and that if they went forward with an abortion that Taylor would need to undergo the more complicated procedure due to being in her second trimester. However, they still did not concede that abortion was no longer an option and were trying to stay resolute in their decision.

Time to Decide
When Taylor and Dustin finally left, they had been there for nearly two hours. Judy and I knew we had done our best to educate this young couple and to show them the reality of the decision they had to make. But we did not know what they would decide to do and we did not feel confident that they would not abort the baby. We knew they were extremely scared to keep the pregnancy and that fear could make the decision for them. All we could do now was pray for them.

Because we also do sexually transmitted infection testing along with the pregnancy test, Judy needed to call Taylor the next week to give her those results. When Judy asked how she was doing Taylor stated, “I’m keeping my baby.” She informed Judy she had a prenatal appointment set up already. What great joy! Since then Taylor and Dustin now know that their little baby is a boy who is due to arrive on March 1st, 2009.

Baby boy.A Gift of Life
This was our first time since adding the ultrasound machine that we were able to use it for exactly what Operation Ultrasound was meant for. And it was a direct answer to prayer. We knew the machine had helped several clients already who were unsure or vulnerable. But this was the first couple who absolutely knew abortion was the answer for them. I had prayed that morning that the Lord would send us a truly abortion-minded client that we could scan immediately. I wanted our team to see the great effect ultrasound could have and help them see our purpose. After all the hard work to add medical services, I think the team was wondering if we would ever get a truly abortion-minded client where the ultrasound made the difference. This young, hurting, confused couple walked in looking for abortion information and we were able to talk with them, educate them, and then immediately do an ultrasound to determine how far along the pregnancy was. And with that, we were able to show this young couple exactly what they were making a decision about. A baby. We have since repeated this experience, but just like we were told during the conversion process, there is nothing to compare to the first one!

Operation Ultrasound* is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Save lives. And not just the life of the baby, but it is saving parents years of pain and regret. Ignorance may be bliss initially, but it definitely is not in the end. Ultrasound does Reveal Life to Save Life! So far we have had every client receiving an ultrasound choose life for their baby. Thank you Focus on the Family and Operation Ultrasound* for helping us to be a part of it!


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*All Pregnancy Medical Clinics in the Option Ultrasound Program provide limited obstetrical ultrasound as medically indicated. Clinics are licensed to operate under the supervision of a physician, using only trained sonographers. Focus on the Family does not endorse the use of ultrasound outside of a medical clinic setting and does not endorse the use of ultrasound for non-medical reasons. Patient referrals are made to physicians for follow-up diagnosis and care as needed.